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ecoPlus saves resources and costs 

Energy, time, materials and labour are all precious resources. By employing them carefully you can boost productivity and save costs. This is where the new ecoPlus tecnologies of the HOMAG Group come into their own.
ecoPlus encompasses a whole raft of innovations designed to save energy and reduce your operationg costs. On top of this, ecoPlus helps to reduce CO2 emissions and so also plays a part in protecting the environment.

 HOMAG Group ecoPlus

ecoPlus optimises your use of resources and your energy efficiency in four fields of action:

  • Improved process stability
  • Efficient production processes
  • Self-contained cycles
  • Loss-free infrastructure operation

The HOMAG Group ecoPlus package pays dividends in many respects. It allows you to save:

  • energy
  • material
  • labour
  • time
  • and thus money 

Technology that benefits the environment

ecoPlus demonstrates very impressively: output and economy can well be combined. The technologies use energy intelligently – that is what spurs us on, that is why we set the standard, across the entire industry, for more efficiency and increasing potential for savings. In this way ecoPlus benefits the environment and your budget. Excellent prospects for today, tomorrow and the future.

Saving energy on standby
One of the central components of the ecoPlus concept is the standby function. This puts the machine into an energy-saving standby mode – either automatically after a set period of time, or when the ecoPlus button is pressed. All the energy-consuming systems go into sleep mode. If you operate the machine or press the button again, the machine will return to its normal operating mode within a few seconds.

Reducing pressure – lowering consumption
Compressed air is a big issue for many machines – also with regards to energy efficiency. A whole range of measures play a part in reducing consumption here. Altogether, you can achieve annual savings running into four figures (in euros).

Selective extraction technology
The amount of energy required by extraction systems in woodworking applications has always been substantial – up to now. The new ecoPlus technologies of the HOMAG Group can reduce the energy consumed by the extraction system by up to 40 per cent.

Powerful drive systems, frugal consumption
Efficiency begins with the drive system. This is why the HOMAG Group has replaced all the three-phase asynchronous motors by new highly efficient motors with IE2 energy efficiency rating. In addition to this, HOLZMA, for example, employs frequency-controlled main saw motors, which allow the rotation speed to be individually matched to the material. Thanks to an integrated bypass circuit, the machine can still achieve short bursts of maximum power exceeding the rated kW.

SORB TECH – greater stability, maximum precision
SORB TECH is a new material for machine construction and also part of the ecoPlus concept. We produce the frames for our machines, the “supporting platform” for the processing units and the support tables for the workpieces from this mineral material. SORB TECH stands for a low-vibration, stable machine design promising improved work results and maximum precision. Complete with savings potential.

Optimum material usage
HOLZMA panel saws are particularly powerful and efficient – this begins with material usage. Every reject and every cutting scrap is wasted capital. This is why HOLZMA has developed tailored technologies to process material gently and efficiently.

Always the right vacuum
The pumps of the HOMAG CNC processing centres, which work with high-volume vacuum generation, are equipped with variable speed control. Sensors measure the current negative pressure and control the air flow of the pumps as needed. The machine only uses as much energy as is necessary, even during interruptions and set-up periods, or when only a low volume is needed.

The machine as powerhouse
A machine does not only consume energy – it also produces it. The electrical energy generated by braking the spindles and drives in HOMAG CNC processing centres can now be fed back into the grid. That lowers consumption, without requiring any preparations on the power supply.

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Energy, time, materials and labour are all precious resources. Those who learn how to make the most of them can both enhance their productivity and save costs. This is where ecoPlus comes into its own: the new technology package from the HOMAG Group.

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Saving resources – enhancing productivity. This is where ecoPlus comes into its own: the new technology package from the HOMAG Group.

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