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HOMAG Group Innovations 

Innovations – HOMAG Group as trendsetter 

The formula for the success of the HOMAG Group has been based for more than 50 years on the work of visionaries with innovative power.

HOMAG Group Innovations  

Only those who implement their ideas can change the industry over the long term.”

Johannes Schmid, Head of development, glue and
process technology, HOMAG Holzbearbeitungssysteme GmbH

A pioneer in wood processing
Over more than 50 years of company history, the HOMAG Group has developed and realized numerous revolutionary ideas and established them on the market. As a result, today, the Group is the technology leader in its industry with worldwide operations. Thanks to the art of engineering and foresight, the Group has earned its position as world market leader.

Trade fair for industrial technology Hanover 1962: At a small trade fair stand a company from the Black Forest presented the world’s first edge banding machine using the hot-cold technique. The technique, together with a new glue, is regarded as a revolution that won recognition worldwide and is still applied today in the same way. The company founders Gerhard Schuler and Eugen Hornberger along with their employees realized that they would change the market as a whole with this groundbreaking development. At the trade fair, customers immediately responded to this development with great enthusiasm and order intake reached unforeseeable dimensions. The cornerstone for the ascension to global market leader had been laid.

Always one step ahead
This inventive talent of the founders has been maintained in the HOMAG Group to this day. No one waits around here, but rather leads the way in order to be the first on the market. Constantly on the lookout for the perfect woodworking machines and technologies, the employees maintain a high pace of innovation. This includes the improvement of existing products through ongoing further developments as well as new developments.

The employees are also encouraged to try new approaches, think outside the box and realize their visions. The focus is always on the customer. Every idea and every development is evaluated according to customer benefit and advancement. For this reason, sales and development work closely together. This connects customer interaction and practical experience with the spirit of research and the art of engineering. This results in innovations that con- tinue to set new standards and change the woodworking industry over the long term.

The HOMAG Group’s ambition is to be the driving force in the industry. Anyone looking back at the over 50 year history of the company today with all of the developments it introduced can only come to one conclusion: The HOMAG Group lives up to its high standards.

Ulrich Schmitz InnovationsCompletely invisible – airTec and laserTec
With laserTec and airTec, the engineers at the HOMAG Group have changed a seemingly firmly cemented fact. Thanks to new technologies, the assembly of edges and workpiece without a visible joint has been made possible.
Industrie 4.0 Fabrik der ZukunftFactory of tomorrow – Industry 4.0
One step ahead with the HOMAG Group. The HOMAG Group is a pioneer when it comes to “Industry 4.0” or networked production. Even today, their machines and plants fulfill many requirements of the factory of tomorrow.
Hali Networked productionNetworked production
From an idea to a work of art – The HOMAG Group conceived for the office furniture designer hali a unique end-to-end production line. This allows hali to produce 48 million potential variants in only 15 working days in each case.
powerTouch InnovationpowerTouch – Touch the innovation
The new dimension in machine operation – The result looks extremely simple: Machines and complex production lines that are as intuitively easy to operate as a smartphone.


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