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New Packaging Comic
We will show you how you can easily produce the optimal box by using our packaging solution.
World Premiere: Multifunction Bridge WMS 150 blowTEC12/02/2016

Keeping the center part and the basis of the customer pyramid in perspective
Timber construction enterprises with a craftsman’s background as well as an international audience visited the “WEINMANN-Treff” in St. Johann.

Packaging Days at HOMAG Automation
During the tours through the production facility in Lichtenberg, the participants could experience the possibilities of automated packaging.

Follow up report: 5th Smart Manufacturing Event Singapore
In line with the motto “Discover the future with HOMAG Asia“ visitors came to see effective manufacturing solutions at HOMAG Asia’s showroom in Singapore

New WEEKE Venture BMG 110 Series - CNC processing made easy
WEEKE’s new Venture BMG 110 Series has raised the bar for technically advanced compact CNC machines.
HOLZMA Treff10/09/2016

Follow-up report HOLZMA Treff 2016
The 50th anniversary in-house exhibition took place – as did the anniversary itself – in keeping with the motto "We are Panel Dividing". Visitors were able to witness live just what that means.

Networked Workshop (Part 2): Ready for the Future in Three Steps
The "Industry 4.0" trend is the topic that everyone is talking about in the wood-processing industry. The core aim of this standard is to network machines, electronics and data.

HOMAG & HOLZMA Treff 2016: New record for incoming orders
This year's HOMAG Group Treff—the 24th HOMAG & HOLZMA Treff—was the most successful yet: The sales team used the platform of this industry event held in the Black Forest to great effect.

Networked Workshop (Part 1): Why Company Size Doesn't Matter
When faced with increasingly demanding customers, rising levels of competition and a lack of skilled personnel, every business needs to find solutions.
HOLZMA HPP 500 P09/20/2016

Messe K 2016
At the K Trade Fair, panel dividing specialist HOLZMA will be demonstrating how plastic panels over six meters long can be cut efficiently and ergonomically.

HOMAG Automation – The Brand is Program
Whoever wants to play a role in the furniture industry in future focuses on process optimization through automation. HOMAG Automation will show live at the HOMAG & HOLZMA Treff 2016, how operating machines could be automated.

Stiles Machinery celebrates a winning experience at IWF 2016
Stiles offered live demonstrations on more than 50 cutting-edge machinery lines, as well as presenting software and service solutions designed to help manufacturers take the next step toward revolutionary speed and production.

Figures for first half of 2016
Uninterrupted growth in sales revenue at HOMAG Group

inspiration Issue HOMAG & HOLZMA Treff September 2016
Integrated solutions from the compact stand-alone machine to the automated batch size 1 plant and innovative developments for furniture and structural element production - look forward to two exciting upcoming industry Treffs.

HOMAG & HOLZMA Treff 2016 - Exchange of experiences included
The HOMAG Group will be presenting its current highlights and showcasing trends in furniture as well as flooring, window, staircase and door production at this year’s Treffs.

50 years of HOLZMA
For 50 years, the mechanical engineering company HOLZMA has embodied top quality and high precision in panel cutting. The success story began with the founding of HOLZMA in 1966.
HOLZMA Treff 201608/01/2016

HOLZMA Treff 2016
From September 20 to 23, HOLZMA will open its doors to prospective buyers, customers and sales partners. Besides the latest new products revolving around the cutting process, there will also be attractive anniversary offers awaiting the visitors.

A clear „yes“ to Automation
Perfect seamless joint and automated return unit - Ambition 1650 airTec combined with the BOOMERANG® TFU 140 provide for smooth production flow. The Operation - simple and intuitive - a child‘s play!

inspiration – Exclusive Australasia premiere at Awisa 2016: robotic sorting cell
This year HOMAG Australia are excited to show a very high tech high volume automated edgebanding cell coupled with a robotic sorting cell.

Exclusive Australasia premiere: robotic sorting cell at HOMAG City at AWISA 2016
At this year’s AWISA 2016 exhibition, HOMAG Australia will show a very high tech high volume automated edgebanding cell coupled with a robotic sorting cell. This is an exclusive premiere in Australasia!

Seven reasons why window manufacturers need CNC machinery
The decision of which CNC is right for your business may seem a bit daunting and that is completely understandable. Our approach, is designed to ensure every customer gets the right machine for their requirements.

The all new BÜTFERING SWT 200 Series sanding machine
The all new BÜTFERING SWT 200 Series carries on that tradition offering highly flexible and compact sanding solutions.

New Entry Level 5-axis CNC Centre From WEEKE
The introduction of WEEKE’s new entry level 5-axis Venture BMG 115 CNC represents a real milestone, bringing complex CNC production within the reach of the smaller manufacturer.

Affordable Entry Level Edgebanding From BRANDT
To provide an effective solution, BRANDT has developed the powerful, but compact BRANDT Ambition 1100 and 1200 edgebander series. These models ensure that even the smallest of workshops are able to invest in the latest technology

Changes in Executive Board

HOMAG Group ServiceBoard: The bestseller in Milan
Today, service is a decisive success factor for companies of all sizes. Everyone is talking about it, including at XYLEXPO. The HOMAG Group has adopted rapid and efficient service as a key issue worldwide.

Dividend rises to EUR 1.01
Annual general meeting 2016

HOLZMA highlights at Xylexpo 2016
At this year's Xylexpo, HOLZMA showcased system solutions revolving around the saw. HOLZMA focused on the overall process, from feeding the saw and cutting the panel to destacking and onward transport.

JOOS presses exclusively from HOMAG UK
With over 125 years of manufacturing, JOOS is recognised for its quality processing of materials such as plastics, metals, composites and, of course, wood. HOMAG UK are the official distributor of JOOS products in the United Kingdom and Ireland.
students of the University of Applied Forest Sciences/Rottenburg05/12/2016

Students of the Rottenburg University (Hochschule Rottenburg) excited after WEINMANN company tour
Detailed insights into modern machine technology, an overview of the business processes and career prospects – this is what the students of the University of Applied Forest Sciences/Rottenburg experienced.
HOLZMA Cut Rite05/09/2016

HOLZMA Cut Rite cut optimization: New features for nesting in particular
With the right cut optimization, you can save material, time, and money — both in cutting as well as in nesting. It is therefore even more important that the optimization software is always up to date and always offers the best features.
Kundenzeitung inspiration HOLZ-HANDWERK 201605/01/2016

inspiration issue XYLEXPO Mai 2016
Complex sequences simply depicted: From innovative stand-alone machines to networked plants. A look into the future of the completely digitalized world. And: woodFlex for the control and visualization of flexible production cells and their part flow.
WEINMANN Production hall04/28/2016

Hightech for timber house construction
WEINMANN - World market leader in plant Engineering for timber construction. Since more than 30 years in the market and having started out as a two-man-office, the company has evolved to a world market leader employing 130 people.
Kantenanleimmaschine verschiedene Kanten04/26/2016

From innovative stand-alone machines to the design of networked plants and a look into the future of the completely digitalized world of woodworking – at the XYLEXPO the HOMAG Group will be showcasing individual solutions.

HOMAG Group's sales revenue reaches billion mark
Figures for fiscal year 2015

HOMAG Automation at the Xylexpo 2016
Under the heading: „Transport visions, intelligently packed“ HOMAG Automation shows different solutions at the XYLEXPO by which one can produce much more efficiently.
BRANDT Riemenoberdruck XYLEXPO04/18/2016

HOMAG Group edging technology at the XYLEXPO
Highly flexible and economical: Edge banding machines from BRANDT and HOMAG

The 5-Axis Technology of WEEKE and HOMAG - versatile, flexible, powerful!
The "Freestyler" Venture 115 and the Two-in-One" machine BMG312/V at Xylexpo Fair 2016 in Milan
WEINMANN assembly table WTZ for roof and floor panels04/10/2016

Piece-by-piece production of roof and floor panels
The individual production of roof and floor panels plays an important role in crafts enterprises. There are different types of production possible, which are shown here.

HOMAG’s FKF 200 solutions for panel lamination
Launched in autumn 2014, the HOMAG Optimat FKF 200 is the preconfigured entry-level solution for single-sided laminating of board materials and for the production of lightweight panels.

Customized instead of standard cardboard boxes
The VKS 250 is the exactly fitting concept for Conzella. Now, the customized packaging of books has the quality that meets the product's requirements. And small quantities are produced at particularly low cost.

World premieres fill HOMAG City
HOLZMA Review Holz-Handwerk 2016 in Nuremberg03/22/2016

Review Holz-Handwerk 2016
HOLZMA Review Holz-Handwerk 2016

Discover why Automated Storage Solutions Provide the Perfect Foundations
“Whether you’re cutting 20 panels a day or 20 per hour, the storage and handling of these panels is critical to the success of your business,” explains Simon Brooks, sales and marketing director at HOMAG UK

Joinery Daxenberger: Enthusiastic about HOMAG Automation right from the beginning
The family-run company has made the workflow more effective in order to remain successful on the market. The results are optimal processes, thanks to fully automatic feeding of the saw through the horizontal storage system TLF 211.

woodCADCAM: HOMAG Group's Design-to-Machine Software Solution
Developed for the furniture and furniture supply industries, the HOMAG Group’s woodCAD|CAM software optimises production processes from initial design concept through to the finished product.

HOMAG’s 5-axis CNC machines – more affordable than ever
As the need for faster production times and more bespoke and complex production increased, technological advances have meant that price levels have fallen, so now even the smaller manufacturers can invest in 5-axis CNC machinery.

Nesting – the art of converting raw boards
Nesting is a very efficient method of processing components out of large, raw boards. Rather than using two machines, a beam saw and a CNC, the nesting CNC allows the operations to be done on the one machine.
Kundenzeitung inspiration HOLZ-HANDWERK 201602/10/2016

inspiration Issue HOLZ-HANDWERK March 2016
A new five-axis machine for entry-level users, a new series of sanding machines, a very interestingly priced panel dividing saw, and everything you need for edge processing (including zero joints
Company WEINMANN at the exhibiton Dach und Holz02/08/2016

Successful exhibition DACH und HOLZ for company WEINMANN
Company WEINMANN presented innovative Solutions at the Exhibition DACH und HOLZ from 2nd until 5th February in Stuttgart

HOMAG Automation at the Holz-Handwerk 2016
HOMAG Automation demonstrates in Nuremberg with different solutions how to successfully produce and deliver just-in-time assortments even in small quantities.

HOLZ-HANDWERK - Eight edge banding machines to cover every requirement
BRANDT and HOMAG will be exhibiting a total of eight edge banding machines across every performance category at the HOLZ-HANDWERK – from small to big, from the woodworking shop to the industrial entry level.

Holz Handwerk 2016
A new five-axis machine for entry-level users, a new series of sanding machines in the trade sector, a competitively priced panel dividing saw, and everything you need for edge processing (including zero joints), from small to large manufacturers.

Flexible packaging concept for SieMatic
HOMAG Automation developed a solution that significantly better protects the furniture and provides a better appearance and this, at the same time, with higher individuality for lower storage and purchasing costs.

Interview with Pekka Paasivaara
From a medium-sized company to a global corporation - "möbelfertigung" spoke exclusively to CEO Pekka Paasivaara about the restructuring process.

World premiere in CNC and sanding technology
A new five-axis machine for entry-level users and a very interestingly priced panel dividing saw — those are just a few of the highlights that await visitors to HOMAG City at HOLZ-HANDWERK.

HOMAG demystifies edgebanding technologies
Advances in technology have driven quality expectations higher and the furniture industry is no exception and one manifestation of this is the advent of edgebanding ‘without joints’ or, as it is more commonly known, ‘zero-joint’ technology.

HOMAG Group founds a sales and service company in Germany
As part of the upcoming changes to its organizational structure, and under the guiding idea of "ONE HOMAG", the HOMAG Group is set to further increase customer orientation in Germany by making its processes even more efficient.
WEINMANN CEO Karl Weinmann and Hansbert Ott01/11/2016

Global market leader in 30 years
The anniversary year is ending on a high for WEINMANN Holzbausystemtechnik, with full order books meaning that the global company is starting its fourth decade with a correspond-ingly high level of momentum.

HOLZMA at Holz-Handwerk 2016: S to XXL solutions for the trade sector
HOLZMA will be exhibiting a section of its wide-ranging product portfolio at the Holz-Handwerk fair. From March 16 to 19, visitors will be able to take a look at the saws HPP 130 and HPP 300 profiLine.
WEINMANN Treff - Visitors12/10/2015

WEINMANN Treff 2015 - The event for innovative carpenters
A week full of highlights attracted both customers and distribution partners, respectively partner companies from all over Europe to St. Johann.

HOLZMA HPP 300 multiTec at DACH+HOLZ
From February 2 to 4, 2016, HOLZMA will be exhibiting for the first time at DACH+HOLZ International in Stuttgart – an important trade fair for facade and partition wall manufacturers too.

Dynamic drilling with perfect handling
Dynamic drilling with the WEEKE BST 800 and a perfect handling by HOMAG Automation - the HOMAG Group drilling line is the solution for drilling in serial production. The perfectly synchronized operating cell.

HOMAG Group aims to reach the one billion euro mark in sales revenue in 2015
Double-digit growth in order intake and sales revenue in third quarter of 2015

HOMAG Group CNC Handling solutions with Automated Loading System TBA
A combination of a HOMAG Group CNC handling solution and an automated loading system TBA shows how to convert off-peak times and break times into productive times

Accurately fitting cardboard boxes - tightly calculated
The VKS 250 is a real thrifty instrument. Costs for purchase, stock-keeping and the otherwise considerable effort of internal logistics are drastically reduced thanks to just-in-time production of the packaging with endless cardboard.

First-hand experience: visitors from over 50 countries
From innovative development for individual machines, through intelligent solutions, to trends such as automation and robotics as well as all the important information about "Industry 4.0 and networked production"
Turbulentes Treiben vor der Küche, die HOLZMA dem Kindergarten Stammheim Widdumgasse gespendet hat.10/04/2015

HOLZMA donates a kitchen to a local kindergarten
Under the banner of the "HOMAG Group Cares" program, HOLZMA donated the kitchen to a local kindergarten so that it can continue to be admired and make people happy every day after the exhibition.

Follow-up report HOLZMA Treff 2015
From all over the world, hundreds of potential buyers as well as customers and sales partners made their way to HOLZMA Treff to gain a first-hand impression of the latest innovations.

HOMAG Automation at the HOLZMA Treff 2015
HOLZMA Treff from 22th to 25th September. Along with the PRACTIVE partners of the HOMAG Group, also HOMAG Automation was on the field again and presented interesting highlights around automation.

Everything from one source: Sales and service at the heart of the German furniture industry
HOMAG Group founds a sales and service company in Germany
WEINMANN WEK 12009/14/2015

Timber frame the easy way
Timber frame construction is getting more and more popular not only because wood is a sustainable raw material but also because it can be produced at a high level of prefabrication, says German timber frame technology specialist WEINMANN

HOLZMA Treff 2015: Every Packaging as a Custom-made Suit
Using the VKS 250 you will exactly produce the packaging that you need - in optimal shape, with high volume utilization degree, and with minimum unit cost. Where today still packaging is stored tomorrow already revenues may be produced.

Unbelievable experience: HOMAG Treff
Integral solutions from the compact workshop to the networked batch size 1 plant alongside innovative stand-alone machine developments all contributed to making the LIGNA 2015 a show of superlatives – for woodworking shops and industry.

Pekka Paasivaara to take the helm as sole CEO of HOMAG Group AG

HOMAG Group remains on track
Order intake and sales revenue increase by more than 10 % in the second quarter of 2015, First half of the year shows a considerable rise in earnings, Implementation of the FOCUS optimization program successfully initiated, Guidance for 2015 confirmed

HOLZMA Treff 2015: Automation for the saw already in smallest space
The combination of HOMAG Automation feeding portal TBP 211 and HOLZMA HPP 300 multiTec will be a high light on this years' HOLZMA Treff in Holzbronn. Totally integrated into the saw control, two machines work as a perfectly harmonized system solution.

PRACTIVE partners from the HOMAG Group at HOLZMA Treff 2015
Sister companies from the HOMAG Group will again also be exhibiting at HOLZMA Treff 2015.
HOMAG und HOLZMA Treff08/05/2015

inspiration Issue HOMAG HOLZMA Treff August 2015
LIGNA highlights at the HOMAG & HOLZMA Treff September 22-25! Experience the highlights up close and in detail – at the HOMAG & HOLZMA Treff 2015.

Formatting HDF panels with veneer overhang
Trimming unprocessed panels for engineered wood flooring (EWF) in a most exceptional way — that was the task assigned to HOMAG Group Engineering by one of the largest manufacturers of floor coverings in North America.

WEEKE: Well positioned in Schopfloch and Holzbronn
Process optimization, automation and customization - these are the key topics of the WEEKE exhibits at the HOMAG Group Treff 2015.

HOLZMA Treff: We set trends at our 2015 in-house exhibition
Every year prospective buyers, customers and business partners from all over the world come to HOLZMA Treff in Holzbronn, the home of HOLZMA Plattenaufteiltechnik GmbH. Its motto is "We set the trends".

HOMAG Automation - The people behind the brand
For Annika Gerdts only one thing counts: The customer should feel in good hands. This is only possible with well-thought out and coordinated service concepts, which provide for a safe and stable production.

HOLZMA Treff 2015: The automated seamless joint
Up for a seamless joint, including automation? BRANDT and HOMAG Automation will show you how it is possible to produce furniture parts in automated reliability with seamless joint by using a combination of Ambition 1650 airTec and BOOMERANG® TFU 120.

Fensterfertigung im „Griff“
Weltpremiere in Schopfloch: Am 7. und 8. Juli stellte HOMAG den neuen powerProfiler BMB 800/900 vor. Ein Multitalent mit mehr Möglichkeiten und mehr Leistung für die Fensterfertigung.

From small-scale to large-scale: Efficient and networked solutions for everyone from trade through to industry.

Changes in the Board of Management and the Supervisory Board of HOMAG Group AG
Pekka Paasivaara becomes new Chief Executive Officer

Building a successful future as ONE HOMAG
Growth and optimization program launched
Hansbert Ott about prefabrication in timber framing06/11/2015

Prefabrication - Utilizing potential
Interview with Hansbert Ott, Managing Director of WEINMANN, about the advantages of prefabrication and the factors you have to take care about.

HOMAG Automation - The people behind the brand
For Alexander Streisel only one thing counts: That customer's production is successful and efficient because of HOMAG Automation. This is only possible due to professional assembly and commissioning of our machines and lines.
HOLZMA gewinnt Preis mit der hPS 320 flexTec06/02/2015

HPS 320 flexTec impresses the Innovations Symposium
This world first for the trade and industry was on show for the first time at this year's LIGNA fair in Hanover and was voted one of the "most significant innovations" of 2015 by the Innovations Symposium.
Automation, Robotics - HOMAG Automation - Lagersysteme, Sortieren, Kommissionieren, Transportieren, Montage, Verpackung05/29/2015

HOMAG Automation at the LIGNA 2015
HOMAG Automation lines change furniture production by means of the material and data flow. The optimum utilization of production machines is in the focus. Some of these production optimizer could be seen at the LIGNA.

LIGNA Feedback 2015
In the fields of CNC Technology, Drilling Technology and Sanding Technology WEEKE Bohrysteme GmbH focused on proven technologies which were improved in specific areas.
WEINMANN auf der Ligna 201505/26/2015

Ligna 2015 - new visitor record, innovative developments and a positive mood.
WEINMANN presented itself again as an important partner of Timber Construction. As the only manufacturer who offers both solutions for beam processing and for element construction, WEINMANN has enhanced its products in every field.

Flexibility and efficiency for individual customer requirements
At LIGNA, HOMAG was demonstrating performance improvement and efficiency as well as maximum flexibility and an even higher level of quality in the production of furniture and construction elements.
HOMAG Group at LIGNA Losgröße 1 batch size 105/21/2015

HOMAG's "Titan the Robot" rocks LIGNA
The LIGNA of superlatives – more visitors, more businesses, more international, and the highlight: "Titan the Robot" and “Networked Production” paving the way to Industry 4.0.

Follow-up report for LIGNA 2015
Is there an efficient and financially profitable way to meet the ever-increasing requirements in panel cutting? This was the question that once again brought thousands of trade visitors from all over the world to LIGNA 2015 in Hannover from May 11 to 15.

LIGNA Follow-up report HPS 320 flexTec
With the HPS 320 flexTec HOLZMA launched a world-first at this year's LIGNA that revolutionizes cutting processes in custom and batch size 1 production.

FRIZ at Ligna 2015 - Profile Wrapping Highly Automated

HOMAG Group gets off to a good start in 2015
• Sales revenue climbs 24 percent in the first quarter of 2015 • Earnings indicators significantly improved • Forecast for 2015 confirmed
HOMAG City at LIGNA 201505/12/2015

Welcome to HOMAG City! LIGNA 2015
Large and small solutions from woodworking shops to industrial companies! The HOMAG Group was presenting integrated solutions, from a "compact workshop over an area of 80 m2" up to a fully networked batch size 1 system with a length of 100 meters
Vernetzte Produktion Networked Production Batch size 1 Losgröße 105/12/2015

Networked production: Individuality on a mass scale
At LIGNA "Titan the Robot" was presenting the fully networked furniture production concept live with a 100 m long batchsize 1 plant. Fully automated interlinked and networked!

Dividend increases to EUR 0.40
Annual general meeting of HOMAG Group AG

Strict competition fuels AUTOMATION
The demand for linked processes is growing all over the world. To bring strong impetus to this segment Bargstedt and Ligmatech merged into HOMAG Automation. möbelfertigung exclusively asked the managing directors, Holger Blötscher and Jochen Fischer.

Diversity in the world of furnishing: Industry 4.0 to enable individuality on a mass scale
For over 50 years now, the employees of the HOMAG Group have been concerned with addressing the needs of their customers and with the trends and developments of tomorrow and beyond.
Kundenzeitung Customer Magazine inspiration04/13/2015

inspiration Issue LIGNA 2015
At LIGNA, the HOMAG Group will be exhibiting integrated solutions from the “Compact 80 m² workshop” through to a 100 meter long totally networked batch size one plant.
Neuer HOLZMA Geschäftsführer Wolfgang Augsten04/08/2015

New Managing Director at HOLZMA: Wolfgang Augsten takes over
Wolfang Augsten takes up the position of Managing Director of HOLZMA Plattenaufteiltechnik GmbH. He takes over from Holger Bomm. Walter Visel remains Deputy Managing Director.

Following a strong 2014, the HOMAG Group to become significantly more profitable in 2015
Dividend increase to EUR 0.40 for 2014 planne, preliminary figures for fiscal 2014 confirmed, net profit for the year 2015 to increase by around 70 percent

In the fields of CNC Technology, Drilling Technology and Sanding Technology WEEKE focuses on proven technologies which have been improved in specific areas. "Process Optimization", "Automation" and "Customization". And the phenomenon: the BHX 050/055.
Production Lehner Haus03/26/2015

The complete timber work range – innovative new product developments by WEINMANN
At the LIGNA, once again WEINMANN is going to present practical solutions for timber frame enterprises.
30 years WEINMANN03/25/2015

30 years WEINMANN - Building trust
This year, WEINMANN Holzbausystemtechnik GmbH is celebrating its 30-year anniversary.

Whether your needs are entry-level, medium-sized or demanding batch size one production – BRANDT will exhibit eight promising machines at the LIGNA.
LIGNA new development HPS 320 flexTec03/24/2015

HOLZMA revolutionizes the cutting process
Just a few weeks before LIGNA, HOLZMA has announced that it will be launching a world-first in Hanover that will revolutionize the cutting process in order-related manufacturing – the HPS 320 flexTec.
Bohrung HOLZMA HPP 300 multiTec03/23/2015

HOLZMA HPP 300 multiTec at LIGNA 2015
HPP 300 multiTec – the new all-rounder, not just for facade construction companies. Live on show at LIGNA 2015 in Hall 15.

HOMAG Holzbearbeitungssysteme GmbH at LIGNA 2015
At LIGNA, HOMAG, the specialist for wood processing, is demonstrating performance improvement and efficiency as well as maximum flexibility and an even higher level of quality in the production of furniture and construction elements.

BINGO – „26“ wins.
Large and small solutions from a single source, from woodworking shops to industrial companies can be found in a compact space in Hall 26. We are looking forward to your visit!

LIGNA 2015 - Material flow for individuality in series
Short throughput times, stock reduction and flexibility on simultaneously low production costs are important factors, independent of the plant's size. HOMAG Automation demonstrates how to produce and deliver just in time assortments even in batch size 1.

HOLZMA will be showing at LIGNA 2015 in Hanover from May 11 to 15 how innovative panel cutting solutions for every performance category. They can be seen in Hall 11, Hall 15 and above all in Hall 26.

New software version: woodWOP 7
The new version 7 of the woodWOP programming software from the HOMAG Group is heralding a new era in machine-oriented programming.

HOMAG Automation - The people behind the brand
For Martin Fickert only one thing counts: The right workpiece on the right position in the right machine at the right time. This is only possible with high-capacity machines, right control, and a sophisticated data management.

First HOMAG Automation sales partner event
"A successful and interesting event that arouses the desire to deal even more intensely with HOMAG Automation products", is how participants describe the sales partner event, which took place at HOMAG Machinery Środa in Poland from 26. to 27.02.2015.

Extraordinary general meeting of HOMAG Group AG
Approval of domination and profit and loss transfer agreement with Dürr

Ad hoc announcement according to Sec. 15 WpHG [“Wertpapierhandelsgesetz”: German Securities Trading Act]
Management board change

Storage technology that connects
The more conscious companies deal with their resources, the higher is the added value achieved by their products. Automation with profit means to combine a saw with a horizontal storage system in order to vastly optimize the material flow.

HOMAG Group generates record sales revenue in 2014
Strong increase in order intake and order backlog, improvement in operative earnings indicators, substantial reduction in net liabilities to banks

Ad hoc announcement
Amount of compensation and consideration under the domination and profit and loss transfer agreement between HOMAG Group AG and Dürr Technologies GmbH

HOMAG Automation - This is how the future will look
HK spoke with managing director, Holger Blötscher, about innovations, trends and future markets on the occasion of their 50th anniversary.
HOMAG Automation - Die Menschen hinter der Marke02/09/2015

HOMAG Automation - The people behind the brand
For Alexander Ermler only one thing counts: Customer's satisfaction. As project manager in the engineering sector, he is responsible to convert the customer's requirements and ideas eventually into perfect solutions.

FOCUS Employer Ranking:
Dürr and the HOMAG Group are among the best employers in the German mechanical engineering and plant construction industry. In the employer ranking by FOCUS magazine, they managed to achieve placements among the Top Ten in their industry segment.
Vernetzte Produktion Industrie 4.0 Networked Production Industry 4.002/02/2015

Networked production on course for Industry 4.0
The way in which manufacturers approach the industrial production of furniture is becoming increasingly polarized. While some producers are dedicated to the mass production, an increasing number are focusing on batch size 1.
HOMAG Group LIGNA 2015 - Halle 2601/29/2015

BINGO — "26" wins. Welcome to HOMAG City!
Large and small solutions from a single source can be found in a compact space in Hall 26 at LIGNA. The HOMAG City presents integrated solutions, from a "compact workshop over an area of 80 m²" up to a fully networked batch size 1 system with 100 meters.
HOMAG Automation - Die Menschen hinter der Marke01/19/2015

HOMAG Automation - The people behind the brand
Technology and again technology... Isn't it bizarre that we are only talking about technology? Follow us! Learn who makes the technology possible!
The new HOLZMA HPP 13001/15/2015

The new HOLZMA HPP 130 at DELHIWOOD 2015
Buy, plug in and experience precision. It has never been easier to achieve efficiency in cutting than with the new HPP 130 from HOLZMA. From February 4 to 7, visitors to DELHIWOOD 2015 will have the opportunity to witness this live in New Delhi.

Resolution on the conclusion of a domination and profit and loss transfer agreement
between HOMAG Group AG as the dependent company and Dürr Technologies GmbH as the controlling company.


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