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Service bei HOMAG Group 

Fast and competent help in case of disturbances means ... 

  • Immediate contact with specialists
  • Personal advice by phone
  • Optimized processing of service cases
  • If necessary around the clock
  • Experienced service technicians
  • Structured documentation
HOMAG Group Teleservice  Field service 

Teleservice - faster and more effective

By means of hotline and diagnostics we are able to localize immediately disturbances on your machine and to initiate targeted measures. With diagnostics from our hotline more than 70 % of all disturbances can be solved!

  • Reduced service calls
  • Reduced servicing costs
  • Avoidance of unscheduled machine standstill
  • Targeted planning of call-outs
  • Selective delivery of spare parts
  • Support for maintenance andoperating personnel
Service HOMAG Group 

Directly on your machine

In the field service our qualified service technicians carry through assignments on your machine and restore the target situation of your machine.

  • Fast and correct removal of the machine failure
  • Qualified and experienced service technicians
  • Competent advice
  • High availability of the service technicians due to local proximity

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