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Case studies
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Storage system: “It’s the ducks guts”
Kaiman Cabinet's automated warehousing system from HOMAG Australia was installed beginning of the year and has, since then, improved the whole production process for the Queensland company.

Guided by the network
If a customer is missing a hinge or a panel, the order could mean money down the drain rather than a profit for the furniture manufacturer. Darex Home in Belgrade sells kitchens online: it pledges to deliver within 48 hours.

Networked production in joineries
Even though every visitor is amazed by the machine pool and the networking, which up until now has existed mainly in the furniture industry, the Daxenberger joinery has remained a real craftsman’s business.

From entry level to industrial production HOLZMA saws lead the field
German engineering company, HOLZMA, is the world’s leading beam saw manufacturer. For HOLZMA, however, it’s not just about designing efficient saws.
Uwe Rimmler (Umdasch Shopfitting) and Martin Kress (HOLZMA) under discussion12/02/2015

A paradigm shift in production
A new storage-saw combination at Umdasch Shopfitting in Neidenstein, Germany has heralded a fundamental reorganization of its production model.

The automated intelligent workshop in Perth
The Australian company Proform Products stays on top of the game with storage solutions from HOMAG Automation.
Links: Peter Niederer, HOMAG Schweiz AG, Rechts: Karl Enderlin, Schreinerei Schneider AG02/25/2015

Swiss precision with HOMAG Group machines
The relocation of the Schneider Group epitomizes "Swiss precision". The manufacturing facility: full of products from the HOMAG Group. The centerpiece of the production process: a large saw-storage combination from HOLZMA and HOMAG Automation.

Automation boosts productivity
In order to improve productivity and cut increasing manufacturing costs, Sydney-based manufacturer Artline Kitchens, recently invested in new machinery from HOMAG Australia.

Kitchens of distinction
Since 1963, the Brazilian firm Kitchens has been showing the South American market what it means to manufacture luxury furniture aspiring to the very highest standards.

"No such thing as no can do!"
commod creates unique artistically crafted furniture with outstanding surfaces

Adding value through passion made by Mayr
Joiner and furniture maker Mayr - The passion for wood and the high quality of the select materials make the furniture produced by this full service company something really special. (Saw-storage combination, Interior fittings, Home furniture)

S W Watson Case Study
Preston based shopfitting and office furniture manufacturer, S W Watson, has become the first business in the UK to install the BARGSTEDT TLF210 storage and retrieval system, coupled to a HOLZMA HPP380 beam saw.

Thyssen Krupp Plastics opts for HOLZMA expertise
Thyssen Krupp Plastics - uniform work processes and centralised data organisation for roughly 30 HOLZMA saws and HOLZMA cut optimisation software Cut Rite (Plastics, Subcontractors)

High-performance combination with small footprint
Cabinet shop Hörl - subcontractor and Interior fittings (saw-storage-combination)

High-tech in pastures green
Where world-renowned Allgäu cheeses were once made, top-class contemporary furniture is now produced by Erwin Günther using HOMAG technology (ecoPlus).

Down under Deal
Proform Products has become a leading and trusted supplier and manufacturer of quality components for the domestic and commercial markets.

Down under Deal
Proform Products in Malaga, WA - Shopfitting and Kitchenfurniture (Power Concept, Domino System, ecoPlus)

Fantastic variant production in Europe with a 15-day turnaround
At Hali, the focus is on supplying customized products coupled with high-speed manufacture and delivery at standard product prices.

Swedish cool
Spaljisten AB based in Åseda in Sweden is a specialist in the production of foil wrapped furniture components. Spaljisten has now turned its attention to the topic of “high-gloss furniture fronts” with foil-wrapped surfaces.

Decorative Panels Case Study
The Decorative Panels Group invested in an additional facility to satisfy increasing demand for its flat packed furniture ranges.

Homag delivers complete production facility in tight time frame for Decorative Panels Furniture
In November 2009 the furniture company of the Decorative Panels Group invested in an additional facility to satisfy increasing demand for its flat packed furniture ranges.

Boundless possibilities with panelworking
Keijsers Interior Projects, one of Holland’s biggest interior fittings specialists (“the ultimate co-creator”), Horst/d Maas, recently took the decision to invest in a fully automatic panel cutting plant from the HOMAG Group.

HPP 530 P – power for processing plastics
Plastics Plus – plastic signs and street furniture

The Meta-Morphosis
How does a company manage whose products are in worldwide demand but which are invariably ordered only shortly before building completion?
HOLZMA/Sanipa 1, bathroom furniture, copyright Sanipa02/28/2010

Large variety, small panel-storage system
SANIPA – Bathroom furniture (saw-storage combination) (picture: Sanipa)
HOLZMA/Andexlinger 1, labelling, 2010, copyright HOLZMA02/28/2010

1-piece production with the Domino System
Andexlinger GmbH – Home furniture and property furnishings (Domino System, batch-size 1)
HOLZMA/Hoetzel 1, saw, 2010, copyright HOLZMA02/28/2010

An innovative quest for efficiency
Hoetzel GmbH – Property furnishings (Power Concept, Domino System, Soft Touch)
HOLZMA/Steelcase 1, interior fitting, copyright Steelcase01/31/2010

HPL 380 – power in a double pack
Steelcase Werndl AG – Office furniture (Power Concept, overhead feeding) (picture: Steelcase)
HOLZMA/Ligaproduction 4, storage, 2009, copyright G.Molinski12/31/2009

High-tech from one source
Ligaproduction GmbH & Co. KG – Trade fair equipment (saw-storage combination) (picture: dds, Georg Molinski)
HOLZMA/Schlechter 1, bath, 2009, copyright Schlechter11/30/2009

Top-level panel-storage system
Schlechter & Co. – Interior fittings (saw-storage-combination)
HOLZMA/Verschuren 1, interior fitting, copyright Verschuren 08/31/2009

Ready for pressure-sensitive material
Verschuren Interieurbouw B.V. – Interior design (saw-storage combination, Soft Touch, sensitve surfaces)
HOLZMA/Sunon 1, 4 series machine table 2008, copyright HOLZMA08/31/2009

Production boost with HOLZMA
Zhenjiang Sunon Furniture – Office furniture
HOLZMA/Frankia 1, employee/saw, 2009 copyright HOLZMA08/31/2009

Tailored holidays – with 1-piece production
Frankia Pilote GmbH – Motorhomes (1-piece production)
HOLZMA/Indiana Gummi 1, saw, 2009 copyright HOLZMA07/31/2009

XXXL plastics processing
Indiana Gummi GmbH – Plastics processing
HOLZMA/Glaeser 1, interior fitting, copyright Glaeser07/31/2009

Precision for special requirements
GLAESER Baden AG – Special furniture (grooving, special material)
HOLZMA/Amsler+Frey 1, saw, 2009, copyright HOLZMA06/30/2009

Precision begins with cutting
Amsler & Frey AG – Plastics processing
HOLZMA/Gasser 1, employee, 2009, copyright HOLZMA04/30/2009

Sharply calculated competitive edge
Gasser – Kitchen design
HOLZMA/Kuhn 1, lift table, 2009, copyright HOLZMA03/31/2009

Trial by fire passed with flying colours
Rolf Kuhn GmbH – Fire protection panels (Soft Touch, plasterboard package)
HOLZMA/Yassine 1, pressure beam, copyright HOLZMA02/28/2009

Maximum efficiency in Lebanon
Yassine Group – Subcontractor (Power Concept)
HOLZMA/Dula 1, saw, 2008, copyright HOLZMA11/30/2008

More flexibility and speed in cutting
Dula-Werke Dustmann & Co. GmbH – Shopfitting (Power Concept)
HOLZMA/Ruhsi 1, employee, copyright M.Schmalz09/30/2008

Killing two birds with one stone!
W. Ruhsi GmbH – Property furnishing / subcontractor (saw-storage combination) (picture: HK, Markus Schmalz)
HOLZMA/Moldaschl 1, employee, 2008, copyright G.Molinski09/30/2008

Identifying and seizing opportunities
Moldaschl – Trade fair and interior fittings (Power Concept) (picture: dds, Georg Molinski)
HOLZMA/Hunger 1, employee, 2008, copyright HOLZMA08/31/2008

Specialist for honeycomb and lightweight panels
Hunger Möbelproduktions GmbH – Furniture / subcontractor (Soft Touch)
HOLZMA/Vink 1, employee, 2008, copyright HOLZMA08/31/2008

Individual and just-in-time
Vink AG – Plastics processing
HOLZMA/Veriset 1, stack of panels, 2008, copyright HOLZMA06/30/2008

Formula for fast preparation
Veriset Küchen AG – Kitchen furniture (batch-size 1, Power Concept)
HOLZMA/W.S. Holzfertigung 1, saw-storage combination, 2008, copyright W.S. Holzfertigung 12/31/2007

HPL 380 in a double pack
W. S. Holzfertigung GmbH – Subcontractor (saw-storage combination)
HOLZMA/Simona 1, drawing, copyright HOLZMA02/28/2007

Capacity significantly increased
Simona AG – Plastics processing

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